Bitch Brothers and Sisters, Welcome!

For a long time I have been a cool person who tries to deal and chill with everyone without much action or complainings.

Today is August 14th, and it has been already three months that my entire network of labels and pages is under attack and being hacked by far right north american extremists, wich makes me now a social activist against digital crimes, a socialist militant and more than ever, anti-racism, anti-fascit and against all kind of opression, crime and all evil things that people do to dominate and exploit others.

Right now, 4 Twitter accounts were hacked, 2 of them completelly erased, but we could recover the handlers. However 2 main accounts are still compromised and we are having very difficult times with the communication support from Twitter network, so we still expect a few weeks more to see a good end for these unpredecedent attacks over us.

We confirm that our Facebook page has been hijacked from one of the accounts we used to manage the page, and we are already trying to fix it with facebook support, and we expect to have a definitive solution from Facebook about this matter too.

For years my channel description was "(Groovy-Techno & Tech-Trance DJs, music producers, live performencers originary from São Paulo, Brazil, and playing all over the world as undercover for our Secret Agents missions! LOL)", and I always thought I could leave it as a funny remember of how we started, who we were and where are we heading to.

Now I realize that our freedom of speech is under attack, and those that are willing to take the lead on humanity for a better world must stand up. the time for us to stand up and rise against fascism and opression has come.

By the way, we are owners of Guilhotina Records and Boobs & Loops Records also.

Thank you